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  • ⓘ 호환성: 필요 Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 그리고 Windows 7
  • 카테고리: Games
  • 개발자: Richard Fox
  • 최근 업데이트: 2015-03-20
  • 현재 버전: 1.2
  • 파일 크기: 275.18 MB

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↓ PC용 APK 다운로드 Richard Fox 0 1.2 12+

Plague Sydney HD 에 대한 13 가지 세부 정보

1. You're free to choose your own path through the story and city but the stakes are high as your choices determine the fate of Sydney during one of Australia’s greatest social disasters.

2. The app will only work in The Rocks, Sydney, Australia with Location Services (GPS) enabled on your device.

3. Once installed please proceed to outside The Rocks Discovery Museum, 2-8 Kendall Lane, Sydney.

4. As you travel, you'll witness the plague-infested Sydney of 1900 captured through eerie historical photographs.

5. By using this app you are responsible for your own safety and agree to the Terms and Conditions here: If you experience difficulties please contact us via the support link below.

6. Journey back to this dramatic time through the magic of 3D sound and haunting performances by some of Australia's most talented voice actors.

7. From there you can press Play Game or Play Story Only to begin the journey.

8. The Bubonic Plague struck Sydney in 1900.

9. The wearing of comfortable shoes, a fully charged battery, and quality noise-cancelling headphones are recommended.

10. Your mission is to locate and process suspects for quarantine while avoiding plague infection.

11. Download this app then explore The Rocks using the interactive map.

12. Plague Sydney HD 은 무료 Games 앱으로 Richard Fox 에서 개발했습니다. 9 년 전 출시되었으며 12+ 연령에만 적합하며 파일 크기는 275.18 MB.

13. 현재 버전은 v1.2 이며 0 사용자 이상의 0/5 점을 받았습니다.

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무료 iTunes에서 Richard Fox 0 1.2 12+

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